Monday, 27 June 2011

Untangle Gateway Platform Virus Blocker

The following are useful Untangle applications that effectively secure home and office networks. Such applications are very fast and easy to install and can provide security and protection to any network minutes after installation.

Spyware Blocker blocks any spyware even before it reaches computer systems. Spyware Blocker utilizes a number of helpful techniques in order to stop any form of spyware from entering a computer network.

Virus Blocker effectively scans traffic that enters and exits any network for possible deadly viruses. Software is not necessary when it comes to end user computers. All scanning procedures are done on traffic as it goes through the server.

Intrusion Prevention is another Untangle Gateway application that utilizes numerous signatures in order to scan for possible attack. Intrusion Prevention can effectively identify, stop and log all forms of attacks. This application is configured to optimize protection and avoid false positives.

Firewall application works to successfully block sessions that are based on IPs, ports and protocol. It provides high degree of control on the traffic that goes in and out of the network.

Lastly, Attack Blocker is a heuristic based application which stops all attacks based on reputation. Such application does not require any form of configuration.


For those who want free and uncomplicated protection for their networks, the Untangle Gateway is definitely a worthy choice. This software solution offers free yet effective security and protection as well as control for both home and business networks. One can download the platform for free at After the CD image is downloaded, it can then be copied to CD. Afterwards, booting action from the CD onto the server will successfully install the platform.

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