Monday, 27 June 2011

eSafe Protect 2

eSafe Desktop is a freebie, promises no-fuss Internet protection, and includes virus protection and content filtering, it seems to be an attractive option for those who want security without the headaches. But our testing indicates that this program is likely to give you a false sense of security: The eSafe suite isn't nearly thorough enough to handle hacker threats or to protect children via Web filtering.

eSafe includes an antivirus module, and a lengthy antivirus scan initiates when the product is installed. After installation, eSafe starts automatically at boot-up. The interface keeps options simple but makes locating advanced controls difficult. You can choose one of four security options—Off, Low, Normal, and Extreme—and leave the program at that. Working with the program's advanced controls can be frustrating, as the awkward interface makes it hard to tell what the controls do. eSafe uses a list of approved applications for granting firewall permissions, but the list is short. And eSafe can't automatically download a new one. To retrieve an application list or a list of new virus definitions, you first need to install a downloadable plug-in. But there's no indication that you'd even need the plug-in, so you might go for years with woefully out-of-date virus data.


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