Monday, 27 June 2011

Faronics Antivirus enterprise

High Performance Technology

Boffin found The MX-Virtualization™ engine analyzes malware in real-time, observing malaware behavior before it can actually infect your computer– ensuring zero-day threat detection in addition..
Advanced anti-rootkit technology finds and disables dangerous hidden processes, modules, services, and files.
High speed file scanning.
Low CPU and memory usage during scans.
Efficient, continuous virus definition updates (at least two daily.)
Option to exclude folders and files from scans.
Centralized Management & Integration

Faronics Core was found to provide a secure platform to manage anti-virus protection (definitions and threat-engine updates) across the enterprise. Configuration and scan scheduling are completed via “policies” that are centrally applied to workstations Virus definition updates are managed and hosted on Faronics Core Server Full global or workstation-specific threat reporting available via Faronics Core Console Out-of-the-box compatibility with Faronics Deep Freeze and Anti-Executable to provide a solid “layered security” strategy.
Email Protection

Faronics provided Comprehensive protection against email viruses and included Direct support for Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Mail Supports any POP3- and SMTP-based email program.
Enterprise Control

Workstation grouping by Faronocs simplified the management of large deployments allowing the creation of workstation groups based on user-defined parameters, such as departments, physical locations, and user groups.

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