Saturday, 19 November 2011

Kaspersky Internet Security Special Ferrari Edition 11.0

Winning performance and technology
From two of the worlds foremost companies 
Advanced digital identity protection
Smart anti-phishing protection and Virtual Keyboard keep your digital identity absolutely secure when you are shopping, banking or social networking online. 
Unique Ferrari racing car desktop gadget featuring the Kaspersky Lab logo New!
Use the desktop gadget to check the status of your PCs protection and quickly access your security features and settings. Its never been easier! 
Real-time proactive protection against all Internet threats
Prevents all types of known and unknown from infecting your computer. 
Safe Surf feature for unparalleled online security
With Safe Surf enabled, youll never be exposed to harmful or offensive websites. Regular database updates from Kaspersky Lab means that Safe Surf will automatically block undesirable websites as they appear. Just switch it on. 
Feature-rich and effective Parental Control
The products advanced Parental Control features can block, limit and log applications and web access, so your children stay safe online. 
Unique Safe Run mode for apps & websites
Safe Run mode lets you run suspicious applications and websites in a specially isolated environment where they cannot damage your system. 
Computer tune-up tools
Take advantage of additional tools and services that provide enhanced protection for your computer and optimize your system, such as: Rescue Disk, Vulnerability Scan, System Restore, Browser Configuration and Privacy Cleaner. 
We Use Advanced Security Technologies to Protect You 
Kaspersky Internet Security Special Ferrari Edition has a range of unique technologies that provide increased protection for your family. Keep your PC or Netbook free from harm with:
Real-time proactive protection against es and other 
Safe Surf and Kaspersky Web Toolbar for online security 
Best-in-class personal firewall for keeping hackers at bay 
Identity protection with Virtual Keyboard and anti-phishing 
Unique Safe Run mode for suspicious apps & websites 
Advanced Parental Control with flexible settings 
Smart anti-spam and anti-banner protection 
Computer tune-up for better performance and protection 
Rescue CD to restore previously infected PCs 
Prescheduled automatic scans and updates 


Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Panda Antivirus PRO 2012 11.00.00 Final

Install it and forget about viruses, spyware and hackers! Detects and deletes all types of viruses. Keeps your PC free from spyware. With the new Collective Intelligence technology, Panda’s 2012 products offer maximum detection with minimum impact on your PC. Panda Antivirus features a new UltraFast scan engine, 30% faster than its predecessors, Panda's exclusive SmartClean technology, which not only disinfects viruses but also restores system settings damaged by the latest trojan horse technologies, and its low use of system resources. The new Panda Antivirus Pro 2012 is the easiest-to-use and most intuitive protection for your computer. Just install it and forget about viruses, spyware, rootkits, hackers, online fraud and identity theft. Chat, share photos and videos, bank and buy online, read your favorite blogs or simply surf the Web, with complete peace of mind. And thanks to the new Collective Intelligence technology, the solution is now much faster than previous versions.
Panda Antivirus Pro 2012 delivers basic, essential protection that lets you chat, share photos and videos, bank and buy online, stream multimedia, play games or just surf the Web, without worrying about viruses and other malware. Our unique cloud-based Collective Intelligence ensures your computer is safe from even the latest threats – automatically and in real time.

Secure from malware
Antivirus Pro 2012 protects your files, music, photos, and more against viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, keyloggers, bots, and other malware attempting to access your PC. Our award-winning Anti-Rootkit detects sophisticated threats that bury themselves deep inside your PC. And Panda USB Vaccine ensures your USB drives can’t spread infections between computers.

Secure from identity theft
When you’re shopping or banking online, you can be confident your personal information and transactions are secured by an army of digital security guards. Antivirus Pro 2012 detects banking Trojans, used by cybercriminals to steal banking credentials. The powerful anti-phishing filter and secure browser protect you against scammers out to fool you into handing over usernames and passwords.

Secure communication
Antivirus Pro 2012 prevents infections entering your PC through chats and file exchanges over MSN Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, and AOL Instant Messenger. Malware-infected emails and phishing attacks can’t get past our defenses either. The new Home Network Manager makes sure every computer on your wired or wireless network is up to date and protected before connecting.

Secure against hackers
Whenever you’re online, you’re vulnerable to hackers. Panda Antivirus Pro’s integral firewall and powerful intrusion detection technologies shield your PC from hackers on the web, blocking known and unknown attacks and vulnerability exploits. And the new multimedia/gaming mode ensures interruption-free security when your PC is your entertainment center.

Key : AP12PVIP-98464172




Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Norton Ghost 15

Protects your applications, settings, folders, and files (including your digital photos and movies, downloaded music, and financial documents) with professional grade backup and recovery.
    Quickly and easily restores your PC and recovers files that are damaged or lost due to system crashes, viruses, hackers, theft, or natural disasters.
    Lets you decide what gets backed up (full system or specific files and folders) and when (at scheduled times and or when certain events occur such as an increase of data storage or new application installation).
    Automatically compresses files to minimize the storage space needed, so you can back up more, in less space.
    Copies only files that have changed for faster, fewer backups.
    Provides enhanced security features including drive encryption, error checking, and integrity checking to deliver a higher level of protection for your data.
    Easily restore your system, applications, settings and files, even when you can't restart your PC's operating system.
    Automatically backs up files when Symantec ThreatCon reaches a specified level for added protection.
    Lets you back up to a wide variety of storage devices including external hard drives, networked drives, recordable and rewritable CDs and DVDs and now even Blu-ray Disc.
    Simplifies offsite backup management and recovery by copying recovery points to a FTP site.


Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Eset Smart Security 5 FREE FULL

Securing Your Online Life

Protect your family with ESET’s complete Internet security suite, built on the award-winning ThreatSense antivirus and antispyware engine. Our proactive heuristic technology intercepts and eliminates known and emerging threats hours or even days faster than competing products. Get ESET Smart Security 5 for comprehensive protection.
Tune-in Behaviors and Turn-on Control

Our Parental Controls shield your children from inappropriate web content by blocking access to individual websites and predefined website categories, while the accompanying Internet security training teaches you and your entire family how to avoid cyber threats, scams and hackers.

Refresh Your Online Experience

With one of the smallest program file sizes of any Internet security software, a more intuitive interface and a smarter alert system, we offer a simpler, more easily managed digital experience for you.
Share Confidently

Not all computer threats come through the Internet; Removable Media Control protects you from potentially infected files exchanged through USB flash drives, CDs and DVDs.

PASSWORD: piojosomza

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Microsoft Security Essentials 2 FREE

System requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Minimum system requirements for Microsoft Security Essentials

Operating System: Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3)*; Windows Vista (Service Pack 1, or Service Pack 2)*; Windows 7*

For Windows XP, a PC with a CPU clock speed of 500 MHz or higher, and 256 MB RAM or higher.
For Windows Vista and Windows 7, a PC with a CPU clock speed of 1.0 GHz or higher, and 1 GB RAM or higher.
VGA display of 800 × 600 or higher.
200 MB of available hard disk space.
An Internet connection is required for installation and to download the latest virus and spyware definitions for Microsoft Security Essentials.
Internet Browser:

*Your PC must run genuine Windows to install Microsoft Security Essentials.

Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2012

Pros: Security functions ok as far as one can tell.
Cons: Many, not least of which is that it prevents my OS from shutting down.
Takes an eternity to start, making system start-up times unacceptably long.
Summary: After 13 years of almost trouble-free TrendMicro use I decided to update once again before the licence expires. This time moving from Pc-cillin 2010 to Titanium Max Security 2012, to install on 5 computers.

Nothing changed on my own computer between uninstalling Pc-cillin and installing Titanium. However, following initial installation, system shut-down problems were immediately apparent. So I uninstalled, restarted and did a clean re-install - all to no effect. The shut-down problem is still there. And to cap that the program wouldn't allow me to activate it for a computer on which it had already been installed. So I had to give a different name and now my available installations have been reduced by one.

A little investigation of TrendMicro's own forums reveals that they are very aware of serious issues with Titanium (2011 and 2012), and that I am far from the only user to encounter such problems.

I'm not a novice at this and am quite aware that many problems are user/system configuration specific. However, where PC-cillin 2010 worked perfectly for two years, so Titanium should continue to do so. And it really doesn't.

If this isn't resolved in the next few days then it's pretty certain I will be an ex-TrendMicro customer.


G Data AntiVirus 2012

simple. Safe. Resource saving.

In addition to its award-winning virus detection rates, G Data AntiVirus has a new idle scan feature which constantly scans the system when it is idle to utilize your system‘s uptime efficiently.

Cloud-based analysis of suspicious files gives your system an effective all-round defence against viruses, worms and other threats - without loss of performance and without tedious queries.

Award-winning security

Best virus detection rates with DoubleScan technology and OutbreakShield
Extremely fast response time to new viruses
Most up-to-date recognition methods for unknown viruses (behaviour blocking, heuristics, CloudSecurity)

Low-profile virus protection

NEW! Idle scan: virus checking when the user or system is inactive
NEW! Proactive protection against online banking Trojans
Faster system and application starts
More effective web and phishing protection
NEW! On-execution monitoring mode specially for heavily-loaded systems

Simple to use

NEW! All vital information at a glance in the G Data SecurityCenter


G Data TotalCare 2012

Simple. Safe. Resource saving.

In addition to its award-winning virus detection rates, G Data TotalCare has a newidle scan feature which scans the system when it is idle to utilize your system‘s uptime efficiently.

Cloud-based analysis of suspicious files and the silent firewall, give your system an effective all-round defence against viruses, worms, spam and hacking - without loss of performance and without tedious queries.

Includes an all-new image backup module and security tuning.

Award-winning security

Best virus detection rates with DoubleScan technology and OutbreakShield
Extremely fast response time to new viruses
Most up-to-date recognition methods for unknown viruses (behaviour blocking, heuristics, CloudSecurity)

Operating system:

Microsoft Windows 7 (32/64bit)
Microsoft Windows Vista (32/64bit)
Microsoft Windows XP (SP2 or higher, 32/64bit)

At least 512 MB RAM

Internet connection needed (for virus- and softwareupdates)


Saturday, 1 October 2011

AVG Internet Security 2012 Business Edition FULL VERSION

AVG Internet Security 2012 Business Edition - is a program for protecting your PC from dangerous objects and network threats. Program blocks viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, and firewall to protect against network attacks. If you are using AVG Internet Security Business Edition 2012 you will not have to worry about identity theft, spam or viruses.

The program contains a built-in anti-virus module, firewall, detection system, and unsolicited e-mail applications to steal confidential data. AVG Internet Security Business Edition 2012 provides an opportunity to forestall the introduction of all types of threats to computer equipment from the Internet, protects against viruses, Trojans, spyware applications, veiled threats and hacker attacks.

The software solution combines the technology to scan LinkScanner and system behavioral analysis. Provides the function block dangerous web-resources at work on the Internet. AVG Internet Security Business Edition evaluates web-sites to view the current time and warns the user about the extent of their security checks downloaded files for viruses and provides a scan instant messages. Includes remote system administration.

Information about the program:
Year: 2011
File size: 160mb (offline install)
Language: ML / Russian
Compatibility: Windows XP/Vista/7 x86/x64


Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Quick Heal Total Security 2012

Quick Heal Total Security protects your laptops and desktops and provides protection against all kinds of Internet or network-based threats. Upon installation, it acts as a shield against viruses, worms, trojans, spywares and other malicious threats. It also provides security against new and unknown threats with Quick Heal's renowned DNAScan® Technology. Its improved Anti-Phishing feature ensures that you do not land on phishing sites when browsing the net. The Parental Control feature allows you to schedule Internet access for your children and its pre-configured restricted browsing ensures that children do not visit adult sites. The PCTuner tool improves the overall efficiency of your system and the PC2Mobile Scan feature scans, detects and removes malwares from your mobile phones. It utilizes minimum system resources, thereby giving complete protection to your system without slowing it down.

System Requirements : Platforms
Windows 2000 Professional
Windows XP Home/Professional
Windows XP Professional 64-bit
Windows Vista Home Basic/Home Premium/Business/Enterprise/Ultimate (32-bit and 64-bit)
Windows 7 Starter/Home Basic/Home Premium/Professional/Enterprise/Ultimate (32-bit and 64-bit)


Sunday, 18 September 2011

Bitdefender Total Security 2012 Full Version + Crack License Until 2045

Review Bitdefender Total security 2012

Bitdefender capitalizes on live and virtualized behavior-based detection, in addition to cloud-based services, to stop emerging e-threats that other products miss.
At a first look at the dashboard one would think that they dropped some of the components, but if you check the menus you’ll trace the goods present in the 2011 edition. Modules have been condensed and their number reduced to nine, but guaranteed you will not use all of them, since Update section can run in set-it-and-forget-it mode; also, antispam and firewall require less and less attention as you use them.
BitDefender Total Security 2012 is a very complex suite in respect to the amount of modules and security layers it puts at your disposal. Besides the regular sections specific to security suites it also brings to the table a set of system optimization instruments.

Overall, BitDefender Total Security 2012 proved to be quite stable during our tests, as its worst moments consisted in stopping the security service and asking for its restart and the interface crashed out of the blue a couple of times. We also noticed that not all the buttons function properly.
The current edition adopted a fresh, new look which features better manageability and easier access to the main options of the modules.

The Advantage of Bitdefender Total Security 2012

Rescue mode - Reboots your computer in a trusted environment, which is used for cleanup and restoration
Virtualized Browser - Isolates the browser from the operating system in a Bitdefender-provided environment to block web-based threats
Vulnerability Scanner - Checks for missing or outdated security software as well as potentially unsafe system settings
Antispam - Stops unwanted e-mail from reaching your Inbox
Two-way Firewall - Monitors your Internet connections and keeps strangers from accessing your
Wi-Fi connection
Parental Control - Blocks inappropriate content, restricts Web access between certain hours, and helps parents remotely monitor their children's online activity


Wednesday, 17 August 2011

TrustPort Antivirus 2012 FREE FULL VERSION

TrustPort Antivirus 2012 protects workstations and file servers against viruses and other malicious software. The new module "Inspector Application" now allows you to effectively monitor and block suspicious activities of all running programs.

TrustPort USB Antivirus 2012 is designed to test computer with a USB stick, it will be compatible with other antivirus programs. You can check your computer for viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, plugging a flash drive with the antivirus. TrustPort USB Antivirus 2012 provides protection for user data via USB flash drive encryption.

The next product in the line, TrustPort Internet Security 2012, in addition to the standard anti-virus allows you to check e-mail for viruses and spam, web filtering software to restrict access to websites (parental controls) and protected from external attacks with a firewall . In addition to supporting standard mail clients Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail and Thunderbird Mozilla, the new version for users' support was added to The Bat.

TrustPort Total Protection 2012 is designed for demanding users. This product features enhanced Internet Security number of tools to protect personal data from nesanktsinirovannogo access. Total Protection provides the ability to encrypt files and folders, as well as a guaranteed irrevocable destruction of confidential data. In the 2012 version added a function to control access to drives and folders to specific users. In order to improve the security of an opportunity to limit the connection of various devices and removable media (USB, FireWire, Bluetooth, CD / DVD, smart card, iPod, etc.), and startup programs with them.


Sunday, 14 August 2011

Quick Heal Antivirus Professional 2011 FREE FULL VERSION

· Detects and removes viruses, worms and trojans automatically. Protects your files, scans and cleans infection from email attachments and Internet downloads automatically.

· Blocks spywares before they get installed on your PC. Protects your privacy by detecting and cleaning spywares and blocking their activities of identity theft automatically.

· Quick Heal Firewall Professional powered by Agnitum Outpost locks hackers and thieves out of your PC. Delivers total protection against known and unknown internal and external network based attacks.

· A new advanced malware scanning engine scans registry, files and folders at lightening speed to thoroughly detect and clean Spywares, Adwares, Roguewares, Dialers, Riskwares and lots of other potential threats in your system.

· Detects and cleans rootkits proactively by doing deep system scan. Scans running processes, registry and file system for any suspicious rootkit activity that is kept hidden in the system.

· 1 GHz Pentium Processor (or compatible) or higher
· 1 GB of RAM
· Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher (6.0 recommended)
· DVD or CD-ROM drive
· 200 MB of free hard disk space


Saturday, 13 August 2011

AVG Antivirus Professional Edition

AVG Anti-Virus 2011 offers safe surfing, searching, gaming and social networking. You'll also enjoy risk-free file exchange, secure downloading and online chatting, as well as one of the fastest scanning speeds on the market. Meanwhile, AVG's Community Protection Network shares the latest threat information with the online community to ensure everyone receives the highest form of protection possible, and AVG's Protective Cloud Technology serves as an early warning system to block new threats and reduce false positives.


Thursday, 28 July 2011


You already know how AVG can protect you online. Now we take that expertise one step further by fixing problems that slow you down. AVG PC Tuneup is your one-stop shop to help you get the most out of your PC.

Optimize your Internet connection
Internet optimizer
Internet optimizer automatically tunes your Internet connection settings to speed up your online life.

Recover accidentally deleted files
File recovery
AVG PC Tuneup comes fully equipped with a file recovery tool so that you can recover files that have been damaged or accidentally deleted within Windows.

Permanently delete files and wipe disks
File shredder and disk wiper
Deleting files or folders removes references to them but doesn’t remove the actual data stored within the file. This means that files you think you've deleted can easily be retrieved.

Protect your privacy
Track eraser
Lots of information about your activities is recorded on your PC. Track eraser will help you protect your privacy by removing this personal information from your computer.

Make your PC more stable and free up disk space
Disk and registry cleaner


Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Avira Premium Security + Key 2011

If you bank online or use the Internet to make purchases, then you need maximum security. Avira Premium Security Suite not only offers you comprehensive protection from viruses and malware while surfing and emailing, it also has a FireWall to protect you from external attack, even when you are surfing external networks using mobile technology. The suite also blocks nuisance spam mail, while the backup function creates a backup copy of your data.

Functions: AntiVir stops all kinds of viruses; AntiAd/Spyware protects against adware and spyware; AntiPhishing protects your data from phishing attacks; AntiRootkit detects hidden rootkits; AntiDrive-by prevents downloading viruses while surfing the Net; EmailScanner examines incoming and outgoing emails; WebGuard checks downloads and websites for viruses; RescueSystem creates a bootable rescue CD; QuickRemoval removes viruses at the push of a button; NetbookSupport support for computers with low resolution; AHeADTechnology detects even unknown viruses by their profiles; AntiVirProActiv detects unknown viruses by their behavior patterns; AviraSupport there for you in person when questions arise; AntiBot prevents integration in bot-nets; BackupSystem secures your important data; AntiSpam filters against undesired emails; FireWall automatic protection against unprotected access; GameMode suppresses firewall pop-ups while gaming.


Sunday, 24 July 2011

Faronics Anti Executable 3.50.1111 FULL

Faronics Anti-Executable allows only approved applications to run on a computer or server. Any other programs, whether they are unwanted, unlicensed, or simply unnecessary, are blocked from executing. Anti-Executable works on a "whitelist" principle. Any program that is not on the white list is considered unauthorized and will not install or run. With the number and complexity of malware threats steadily increasing, relying solely on definition-based anti-malware solutions to ensure security is no longer enough. Anti-Executable offers a necessary additional layer of protection to the existing "blacklist" solutions such as antivirus software without the need for definition updates.


Faronics Deep Freeze Enterprise FULL(+ key)

Deep Freeze Standard is changing the way IT Professionals protect small multi-user environments. Simple, robust, and cost effective, Deep Freeze Standard is ideal for computing environments with 10 or less workstations or for environments that don’t require central management or control.

Absolute Protection
• Guarantees 100% workstation recovery on restart
• Provides password protection and complete security
• Protects multiple hard drives and partitions

Integration and Compatibility
• Supports multiple hard drives and partitions
• Supports multi-boot environments
• Compatible with Fast User Switching
• Supports SCSI, ATA, SATA, and IDE hard drives
• Single install for Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP and Vista
• Supports FAT, FAT32, NTFS, basic and dynamic disks
• Localized in five languages: English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese

Deployment Options
• Offers silent install option for rapid network deploymen
• Provides option to deploy on multiple workstations as part of a master image


Faronics Anti-Executable Enterprise 3.40.1111.391

Security Features
· Protects against malware, spyware, and unwanted software
· Whitelist based on cryptographic hash to ensure that files not present in the whitelist will not run
· Anti-Executable is self protected to ensure that only authorized users can configure and disable it

Whitelist Features
· Automatic creation of workstation whitelist
· Whitelists can be imported, exported, viewed, edited, searched, merged, and sorted
· Multiple whitelist support
· Centralized whitelist deployment
· White folder feature allows folder, CD-ROM, USB, disk, or network drive to be exempt from the whitelist
· Definition files do not need to be updated
· Creates a log of all unauthorized installation attempts
· Scanning of remote workstations to create the whitelist
· Whitelists can be activateddeactivated based on a schedule

Compatibility Options
· Compatible with major third-party antivirus and anti-spyware applications
· Complements Active Directory and Group Policies
· Compatible with fast user switching
· Offers option to designate specific applications, such as antivirus programs, to be Trusted and exempt from restriction
· Maintenance Mode allows software updates and installation of new software
· Automatically enters Maintenance Mode when it detects that a Deep Freeze Maintenance Event has Thawed the computer

Expanded Protection and Control
· Blacklist can also be activated for additional layer of protection
· Any executable on the blacklist will be blocked from running
· File, publisher, and path based entries allowed on whitelists and blacklists
· Provides password protection for complete security
· Offers ability to enable or disable Anti-Executable on the fly
· Deploy as part of a master image
· Displays a customized violation message when a user attempts to perform an action that is not authorized by Anti-Executable
· Unique protection levels for Administrators, Trusted, and External users
· Stealth Mode that allows to hide the presence of Anti-Executable while keeping the computer fully protected

Expanded Flexibility Options
· Allow or block execution of applications from USB and CDDVD drives
· ImportExport granularity for whitelistsblacklists allow users to choose only the information they require
· Flexible Whitelist and Blacklist Editors for simplified management
· Schedule shutdown, restart, and Wake-on-LAN actions

Enterprise Console
· Faronics Core provides centralized deployment, configuration, scheduling, and control
· Rapidly install Anti-Executable on any or all workstations
· Selectively activatedeactivate protection on one or more workstations
· Manage and export log records of violation attempts
· Change maintenance schedules on the fly
· Group and filter workstations for easy management
· Instantly update passwords on protected workstations
· Communicate with workstations over a LAN, WAN or the Internet
· Power on workstations using Wake-on-LAN technology
· Active Task feature ensures changes are applied to unavailable workstations by resending tasks when the computer can be reached


Friday, 22 July 2011

Panda Global Protection 2012 Free Download

Protect yourself from all kinds of online threats: viruses, hackers, online fraud, identity theft and all other known and unknown malware.

Maximum Protection

The Panda Cloud Technology offers a new protection model based on a user community where everyone contributes. Your computer will always be updated and protected. Additionally, your PC won’t limit detection capabilities as Panda’s huge virus detection database is located on the Internet (Cloud).

Minimum Impact

Panda Global Protection 2012 dramatically reduces resource consumption as the malware database is on the cloud, not in your PC. Also, its lightweight protection minimizes performance impact.

Easy to use

Its intuitive interface is perfect for all types of users. Access all the information that you need with just one click.


Monday, 11 July 2011

BitDefender Total Security 2012 FULL

BitDefender Total Security 2012 product stands for comprehensive protection against viruses, spyware, phising and identity theft attacks, including file encryption, online backups and tools for optimizing system speed, secure firewall and the availability of tools to optimize and backup systems in one package.

Here are some key features of "BitDefender Total Security":
· Proactive protection stops new viruses and malware that other products miss.

· Optimize your system by identifying the applications that slow you down. Then, using Tune Up make the recommended corrective actions to improve the speed of your PC.

· Eliminate the chances your data and conversations are leaked to others over email, Facebook, IM, or websites that track your online activities.

· Match the interface to your level of comfort by selecting between Basic, Intermediate, or Expert settings—and quickly create shortcuts to frequently used controls.

· Establish a two-way firewall with just a few clicks, to continuously monitor your Internet connections and prevent unauthorized access—even over a Wi-Fi network.

· Store photos, movies, music, and data on a secure Internet server, and access them from anywhere on the Internet.

· With parental controls youll receive reports, by browser, email, or cell phone, on recent online activity for each childs computer in your home network.

· Automatically activate Game, Laptop, or Silent Mode to minimize interruptions, prolong battery life, or reduce system load to ensure seamless and secure gameplay.

· A new collection of step-by-step videos helps you navigate through common security challenges.

Whats New in This Release:
· Autopilot provides a hassle-free experience by making optimal security-related decisions without input from you. This means no pop-ups, no alerts, nothing to configure.




Norton Internet Security 2012 Final Incl Crack 1 Year

The Internet is a dangerous place, and cybercriminals are getting more creative in ways to target you and your invaluable personal information. Norton Internet Security 2012 provides our most powerful virus, online and PC protection so you can do more without interruption.

* Our fastest performance ever
* Industry-leading protection
* Easier to use Control Center and features


AVG Internet Security 2012 FULL

Several improvements and features AVG 2012:
* Anti-rootkit: Improved detection of new rootkits Alureon.
* Antispam: IPv6 support in the anti-spam updates.
* Core: Improved heuristic detection.
* Core: optimized "Check Registry" Resident Shield.
* Core: Corrected an error while scanning the registry.
* Core: how to detect malicious programs have been optimized.
* Core: number of false positives is reduced.
* Firewall: Many fixes and ulchsheny
* Safe Search: Optimizing for frames
* General: Added support for exceptions to Anti-Rootkit.

AVG Internet Security 2012 includes the following modules:
• Anti-Virus - find and remove various viruses, Trojans, Internet worms.
• Anti-Spyware - Protecting your computer from installing spyware and other malicious programs.
• Anti-Rootkit - protection against hidden threats, spreading malicious content.
• Anti-Spam - E-mail filtering and deleting spam.
• Identity Protection - Protection against new and unknown threats.
• LinkScanner Active Surf-Shield - protection in real time from infected web pages during surfing the Internet.
• LinkScanner Search-Shield - a mapping of security assessments in real time for all the search results Google, Yahoo and MSN / Live.
• Web Protection & Firewall - a full-fledged firewall to protect your computer while it works on the web.
• ID Protection - now your passwords, credit card numbers and other personal data are protected from theft.

Key features:
• 100% virus detection. AVG Antivirus scan engine has received numerous awards for its excellent detection vredonostnogo package, including the VB100%. A unique combination of detection methods of AVG provides full protection against viruses, worms and Trojans.
100% protection against spyware (spyware). AVG is not only the search capabilities of spyware and keyloggers in the files and archive files, and search capabilities hidden keys in the registry.
• Detection "on the fly." AVG scanner monitors the calls to the file system and produces double-check files when accessing them, allowing you to build another layer of protection from the infected files.
• Postage protection. AVG scans all email traffic, and connects to the mail clients such as: MS Outlook, The bat! , Eudora, and other SMTP/POP3 mail clients such as Outlook Express. Also supported by checking SSL-traffic.
• Anti-spam and phishing filters. Each letter, entering a mailbox that is checked by means of signature databases are updated every minute.
• Monitoring network connections. With built-in firewall AVG scans all incoming and outgoing connection requests from the computer, prevent network attacks on computer and network activity for the Trojans.
• Powerful scheduling. AVG automatically provides a daily schedule for scanning and updating, and will give you the opportunity to create their own scheduled events.
• Supports 23 languages, including Russian.


Bitdefender total security 2012 beta

Bitdefender total security 2012 beta is now avaliable for public download with various improvements and new features like autopilot, rescue mode, scan dispatcher, file sync and integrated cloud service.

You will not only get the oppurtunity to use bitdefender total security for free but you can also win  one Alienware M14x Laptop, one Samsung Galaxy Tab and one Google Nexus S.These prizes will be given to the most active beta testers.

Here are some of the new features of Bitdefender Total Security 2012

Autopilot:-Autopilot is the new decision making capability in bitdefender that automatically configures the antivirus without taking any input from the user’s via popups,alerts.So you will have a hassle free experience.

Scan Dispatcher:-Scan Dispacher automatically checks your system usage and when it falls below a certain level i.e become ideal then Bitdefender performs the computer scan thus making ideal use of your system and without interfering in user initiated actions.

Rescue Mode :-If bitdefender is unable to remove some of the rootkits from your computer then it will restart your computer in Rescue mode and will remove these rootkits

File Sync:-Files that are placed in Bitdefender safebox are automatically synchronized.If you have same files in your laptop and computer then using File Sync if you make changes in files in either your computer or laptop the changes will be automatically transfered to the other system.

DOWNLOAD online installer

Kaspersky Antivirus 2012 Download

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2012 is a powerful antivirus engine which aims to keep your PC free of malware.
The program supports multiple scan types. The Critical Areas Scan examines just the files that are loaded when Windows boots, for the best performance; a Full Scan checks everything; and the Vulnerability Scan reports on potential problems with your applications or Windows settings which could be exploited by attackers. Each of these can be launched manually, or scheduled to run whenever you like, and by default Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2012 will also scan your PC whenever it's idle, so detecting threats more quickly while minimising any performance impact on your system.
You also get strong real-time protection, which eliminates malware before it can do any real harm. So the program will scan files as they're accessed, for instance, as well as all incoming and outgoing emails (POP3, SMTP, IMAP, MAPI and NNTP protocols are supported) and instant messaging attachments. While browsing protection sees Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2012 check the sites you visit for signs of malware or phishing frauds, as well as preventing Internet Explorer from running dangerous scripts.
The program includes a host of useful bonus tools. There's a virtual keyboard, for instance, which allows you to enter user names, passwords or other confidential information without it being intercepted by keyloggers; a Privacy Cleaner clears away your recent Windows, internet and application histories; the Browser Configuration module reports on problems with your Internet Explorer settings; and the Windows Troubleshooting section will search for damaged settings that might have been caused by malware, and help you to repair them.
And a lengthy list of improvements in this version means the program is now more effective than ever. Cloud protection is enhanced, for instance, and rootkit detection more efficient; better self-protection makes it even more difficult for malware to disable antivirus detection; Anti-Virus 2012 is able to roll back even more application changes, reversing whatever damage malware might have caused; and various interface changes, including touch screen support, mean all the program's functions are very easy to access and use.


Z Security Deluxe Protection 2012

· Product
· Windows Vis: Intel Pentium 4 2GHz or over
· Windows XP/2000: Intel Pentium III 1GHz or older
· Memory
· Cup windows Vis: 1GB MB involving Random accessibility memory or above
· House glass windows XP/2000: 512 MB with regards to RAM or higher
· Disk place
· – 400 MB totally free hard disk place (500MB for Anti-virus basically)
· Display
· Home windows Vista: 16 bit or over
· Windows XP/2000: 8 bit or higher


Wednesday, 6 July 2011

AVG Internet Security 2011 Business Edition

AVG Internet Security 2011 - a set of programs to protect your PC from dangerous objects and network threats. Program blocks viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, and firewall to protect against network attacks. When using AVG Internet Security 2011 you will not have to worry about identity theft, spam and viruses. The program contains a built-in anti-virus module, firewall, detection system, and unsolicited e-mail applications to steal confidential data.
Software complex provides an opportunity to pre-empt the introduction of all types of threats to computer equipment from the Internet. AVG Internet Security Business Edition protects against viruses, Trojans, spyware applications, veiled threats and hacker attacks.

The solution combines the technology to scan LinkScanner and system behavioral analysis. Provides the function block dangerous web-resources when running on the Internet. AVG Internet Security Business Edition makes an assessment of web-sites at the current time mode and warns the user about their degree of security.

AVG Internet Security Business Edition scans downloaded files for viruses, and enables you to scan instant messages. Possibility of remote system administration.

Advantages of products AVG:
• The necessary level of protection
• Our specialists are always looking for new challenges, so we can quickly develop new ways of protection.
• AVG products protect more than 80 million PC users around the world.
• Easy to use security
• AVG products are easy to download, install and use, have minimal impact on system performance.
• Technology, the award-winning
• AVG security system certified by all major independent certification companies, such as the ICSA, Virus Bulletin, Checkmark (Lab West Coast Labs).

DOWNLOAD  32 bit


Monday, 4 July 2011

ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2012 FULL

It includes an excellent firewall, of course, which manages to control your applications without the hassle of endless alerts. The suite's strong on-demand and real-time antivirus protection is based on highly-rated Kaspersky technology, and the spam filter protects your Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Mail inbox.

And browsing protection sees ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2012 monitoring the sites you attempt to visit, and the files you download, warning you about any that appear to be dangerous.

But there's also much more. Like solid Parental Controls, based on Net Nanny; an online backup tool with 2GB of free server space; browser virtualisation, which keeps any malware away from your system; a Registry-cleaning PC Tuneup module, private browsing, keylogger jamming, and more.

Perhaps the best example of the extra power on offer here is the Identity Protection module. Like many other suites, it allows you to enter personal information - addresses, credit card details, phone numbers and so on - and then ensures they can't leave your PC without permission. But it also offers American users a free one year subscription to Identity Guard, which provides daily credit record monitoring, email alerts of any activity, and free phone assistance if this reveals anything suspect.

There's a price to pay for this, of course, and Extreme Security 2012 is the most expensive product in the ZoneAlarm range. If you don't need quite so much power then ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite drops Registry cleaning, virtual and private browsing, and keylogger jamming, and is $10 cheaper. And if you don't need the parental controls or spam filter then opting for ZoneAlarm Antivirus + Firewall will save you another $10. Find out more and compare the various editions at the ZoneAlarm site.

System Requirements for ZoneAlarm Extreme Security:2012

Microsoft® Windows® 7*:
windows 7 logo

32-bit / 64-bit , 2 GB RAM
2 GHz or faster processor
250MB of available hard-disk space

Microsoft Windows Vista SP1 or SP2 Business / Home Premium / Ultimate:

32-bit / 64-bit, 2 GB RAM
2 GHz or faster processor
250MB of available hard-disk space

Microsoft Windows, XP SP2 or SP3 Home / Professional

32-bit, 1GB RAM
1 GHz or faster processor
250MB of available hard-disk space





Sunday, 3 July 2011

Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus+

The bottom line: A new name heralds some big changes for Trend Micro's Titanium suites. The overhaul to Titanium Antivirus+ 2011 brings users a faster suite with a smaller system impact. However, Trend Micro's new security engine is too untested to be able to recommend it.
Trend Micro's updates for 2011 bring a substantially overhauled suite, from the name down to its detection engine. The new version brings a new interface, new cloud-based detection engine, and new features that, on whole, are changes as impressive as those that Norton has gone through the past few yers.

The new Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus+ 2011 sports a rapid-fire installation. Once you've completed downloading the installer, the entire process is over in less than a minute. There's one screen where you're asked to fill in an e-mail address before you can run Titanium Internet Security, but that's the extent of the registration hoops that are required.
Notably, Trend Micro doesn't call any attention to its behavioral detection network, which the company has named Aegis. Although Trend Micro introduced Aegis in 2007, making it one of the first available, most companies still give users the option during installation to opt-out of contributing data to the anonymous networks while allowing you the networks' benefits. Unless it was a glitch, that's not offered here in the installation. (You can later disable the anonymous contribution of your data in the Settings menu, under Other Settings and Smart Protection Network.)
A different, minimalistic interface is what you'll find as the outward face of Trend Micro's Titanium security suites in 2011. Frankly, it's the easiest-to-use security suite interface we've encountered so far this year. The top quarter is taken up by a large icon and bar declaring your security status, and below it are three major security fields and a registration status indicator.


Saturday, 2 July 2011

The Shield Deluxe 2011 Antivirus & Antispyware

Antivirus Protection:
· Protection for email. The Shield Deluxe scans email traffic for viruses according to the protocol via which it is sent (POP3, IMAP and NNTP for incoming mail and SMTP for outgoing mail) on any mail program, while plug-ins and treatment for viruses in Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express mail databases are offered.

Scanning of Internet traffic:
· All HTTP Internet traffic is scanned for viruses in real-time, ensuring that infected objects are not saved to the computer’s hard disk.

Protection for file systems:
· Individual files, catalogues and disks can be designated for antivirus scanning. Users can limit antivirus scanning to critical areas of the operating system and startup objects to ensure that attention is focused on the most vulnerable areas of the system.

Proactive Protection:
· Control over changes in the file system. With The Shield Deluxe it is possible to compile lists of applications, the component structure of which will be controlled, thus helping to prevent malicious programs from undermining the integrity of the application.

Monitors processes in the memory:
· The Shield Deluxe monitors the activity of programs and processes that have been launched in the computer’s memory and, at the same time, warns users of any dangerous, suspicious or hidden processes (that is, rootkits), and of unauthorized changes in routine processes.

Monitors changes in the operating system registry:
· The Shield Deluxe controls the status of the system registry and notifies users of any suspicious objects or attempts to create hidden keys in the registry.

Blocks dangerous macros:
· Proactive protection affords control over the operation of macros based on Visual Basic for Applications in Microsoft Office documents and blocks dangerous macro-commands from being executed.

System restore:
· The system can be restored after malicious activity. The Shield Deluxe can roll back any changes made to the system by malicious programs. Fast operating speeds
· Technology for accelerated antivirus scanning. iSwift and iChecker technology make it possible to limit scanning to new and modified files, or to limit scanning to potentially dangerous objects only. Antivirus scanning can be suspended during times of increased user activity to ensure that your computer’s resources are free for your use.

Reduced update sizes:
· The size of updates downloaded to users’ PC has been reduced almost 10 times (now amounting to several tens of kilobytes) in The Shield Deluxe, making our updates virtually instant.

· Windows 7, Windows Vista:
· Intel Pentium 800 MHz
· 512Mb RAM (1GB RAM Recommended)
· 170 MB available HDD space
· Windows XP Home & Professional (32/64 Bit)
· XP:
· Intel Pentium 300 MHz or higher
· 128 MB RAM (256 MB RAM Recommended)
· 50 MB available HDD space


Monday, 27 June 2011

ZoneAlarm Antivirus

Along with its effective and easy-to-use firewall protection, ZoneAlarm with Antivirus adds virus features and security controls. The most notable improvements in this latest release are enhanced virus detection and an Auto-Learn function to minimize unnecessary security alerts.
ZoneAlarm's wizard makes firewall configuration and maintanence incredibly easy, with a stylish interface and simple slider controls. The app boasts an ultrasecure triple-layer firewall and experts will appreciate the customizing options. The Zones feature allows you to assign different security levels for local networks and the Internet. The program was very good at automatically including our local network settings and auto-detected wireless machines. In all our tests, the firewall held strong against all threats it encountered.
Beyond the firewall function, ZoneAlarm with Antivirus includes an antivirus scanner, based on Computer Associates' Vet Anti-Virus, that blocks both incoming and outgoing viruses. The most intriguing aspect of this feature is its Advanced Heuristic Detection algorithm, which uses behavior analysis to detect suspicious actions caused by brand-new viruses that haven't yet made it into the virus-definitions database. Though this version of ZoneAlarm lacks the privacy and identity features of the Pro version, users who are satisfied with their existing privacy-protection tools may find ZoneAlarm with Antivirus fits their needs.

ZenOK Free Antivirus Professional

ZENOK FREE ANTIVIRUS 2012 (Just released) is a full-featured Professional data protection suite that comes really complete. With ZenOK your PC does not get any viruses. The multi-layered protection block viruses, spyware, Facebook trojans, Online Banking worms, bots and root-kits automatically. ZenOK Social Network Protection covers your identity against phishing websites and safeguard your system. Version 2012 prevent web attacks that exploit software vulnerabilities. ZenOK Security Toolbar makse your web browsing Safe and Secure, reduces your exposure to threats on the Web. Your safety is ensured by industry-leading security, Fraud and Malware Protection and an address field that clearly shows your security level. ZenOK Free Antivirus scans your files real-time for optimal protection. The scan consumes 0,1% of your system resources, the download is just 44 MB (smallest in the industry) and installation takes only 10 seconds! PC Performance Check Check the health of your PC with ZenOK Free System Check. Hourly threat updates keeps your PC protected against the latest security threats. ZenOK delivers unparalleled security software free of charge. Download ZenOK Free Antivirus. Secure your PC in 60 seconds.
What's new in this version: Automatic Zen Updates Service. Coverage display on the main GUI.


Windows Live OneCare

Windows Live OneCare helps keep your PC safe from viruses, spyware, and other threats. This all-in-one, always-on PC care service from Microsoft works continuously, automatically, and quietly in the background to keep your valuable files protected and your PCs virus-free and working their best.
The new version includes multi-PC and home network management, printer sharing support, start time optimizer, proactive fixes and recommendations, WiFi security, centralized backup, and online photo backup.

VirusBuster Professional

Comprehensive protection against malware attacks:
· VirusBuster Professional provides comprehensive protection for every workstation. Besides the resident file protection, it protects everyday work and e-mails by integrating into Microsoft Office applications and detects removes all harmful programs arriving from the Internet either while browsing or e-mailing.

Incremental virus database update:
· Using the incremental update mechanism the download time is reduced to a minimal level so we can release additional virus database packages several times a day to improve the defence. Users can obtain protection against new malware without spending long time and generating considerable network load for the update.

Easy to use:
· VirusBuster Professional's user interface was designed so that it is easy to use for beginner and experienced users alike. To modify the product's settings, the user can either use the wizard style interface, where settings can be modified step by step, or the advanced interface, where all setttings can be overviewed and the user can switch modules with ease.

Task oriented operation:
· The product is based on tasks. Product and virus database updates, scheduled scans or any other function can be added as a task. Thanks to the built-in automatism, all tasks are executed at the needed time automatically with the desired settings, so it is not needed to run a virus scan or an update every time, as the product automatically executes these.

Comprehensive protection:
· VirusBuster Professional's resident protection and content filter contain pre-defined protection levels, from which the user can pick the most suitable one, or can even modify them if their settings are not appropriate for the specific task. The resident protection module provides protection for all files on the computer.

Adminstration panel:
· For system administrators to prevent users from modifying sensitive security settings.

Outstanding performance and effectiveness:
· VirusBuster Professional is based on VirusBuster's scan engine, which has an outstanding performance. The engine uses heuristic analysis to detect harmful programs. Thanks to its platform- and operating system independent scanning methods it effectively scans for all known viruses, worms, trojans, backdoors, scripts, macro viruses and other harmful code on any system.

· Processor 400 MHz (x86)
· Memory: MS Windows 2000/XP - 256 MB, MS Windows Vista/Win7 - 512 MB
· Recommended to install the latest Service Pack and use at least 512 MB memory
· Free hard disk space: 120 MB
· Internet Explorer 6


VirIT eXplorer Lite

VirIT eXplorer Lite is an anti-virus/anti-spyware for Windows. Clean your computer from viruses, root kit, spyware, worms, trojans, backdoor, dialers, BHO (Browser Helper Object), adware, hijacker, fraud tool and malware software. The features of VirIT eXplorer Lite are: real time intrusion detection system, sort startup programs by date, scan and clean ADS stream, fix Internet Explorer, process Manager, and automatic update via Internet. VirIT eXplorer Lite will incorporate heuristic virus scanning engine for virus detection and can detect a large percentage of new and unknown viruses.


VirAtt Antivirus v.1.5

- Fixed Bug On Scanner And Stop Button
- View ReadMe Files And View Log Files On Home
- Changed Default icon
- Fixed Update Online And Offline Update
- Fixed False Alarm For HackShield Application Capitons Killer
- Changed Me.Captions On First Screen
- Faster Loading On Splash Screen
- Added 100 Virus Database Likes ( HackTools,WinKill,Trojan,BadScript,Ramnit )
- AV-Connected Feature Removed
- Heuristic Icon And String Upgraded...!
- Faster Virus Remover
- Fixed Engine For Greatest Virus Detections
- And More...


Vba32 Antivirus

The line of products produced by VirusBlokAda is based on the antivirus engine developed by our specialists. Vba32 Personal is recommended for home users. It's a reliable and, it is crucial, quick tool to detect and neutralize computer viruses, mail worms, trojan programs and other malware (backdoors, adware, spyware, etc) in real time and on-demand at computers running Windows.

Moreover VirusBlokAda offers antivirus software for workstations, file servers, MS Exchange 5.5/2000/2003 mail servers, Lotus Domino for Windows/Linux and a variety of antivirus filters for Linux/FreeBSD mail servers.

The following advanced technology is used in our antivirus program to provide reliable and effective protection of your computer against malicious programs:
 Heuristic analyzer allows our products to detect unknown malicious programs and the dynamic code translation processor emulator effectively handles complex-polymorphous viruses, packers and cryptors.
 MalwareScope™ , the technology of malware detection, considerably improves the efficiency of the Vba32 products.
 Automatic Internet update of program modules and antivirus bases using the "delta-patch" technology which diminishes Internet traffic and update time.
 Integrity control and automatic restore of damaged modules improve reliability of the Vba32 products.

Untangle Gateway Platform Virus Blocker

The following are useful Untangle applications that effectively secure home and office networks. Such applications are very fast and easy to install and can provide security and protection to any network minutes after installation.

Spyware Blocker blocks any spyware even before it reaches computer systems. Spyware Blocker utilizes a number of helpful techniques in order to stop any form of spyware from entering a computer network.

Virus Blocker effectively scans traffic that enters and exits any network for possible deadly viruses. Software is not necessary when it comes to end user computers. All scanning procedures are done on traffic as it goes through the server.

Intrusion Prevention is another Untangle Gateway application that utilizes numerous signatures in order to scan for possible attack. Intrusion Prevention can effectively identify, stop and log all forms of attacks. This application is configured to optimize protection and avoid false positives.

Firewall application works to successfully block sessions that are based on IPs, ports and protocol. It provides high degree of control on the traffic that goes in and out of the network.

Lastly, Attack Blocker is a heuristic based application which stops all attacks based on reputation. Such application does not require any form of configuration.


For those who want free and uncomplicated protection for their networks, the Untangle Gateway is definitely a worthy choice. This software solution offers free yet effective security and protection as well as control for both home and business networks. One can download the platform for free at After the CD image is downloaded, it can then be copied to CD. Afterwards, booting action from the CD onto the server will successfully install the platform.

Sophos Anti-Virus 7.3.0

Sophos Anti-Virus protects your network, desktop and even remote laptop computers from the latest viruses, Trojans, worms and spyware. The quality of its award-winning technology has been confirmed time and time again by independent bodies such as West Coast Labs, ICSA Labs and Virus Bulletin.

Protecting the desktop means that regardless of how a virus attempts to break in (email, CD, floppy disk, network shares, instant messaging, web download etc) it can be stopped. Using patented InterCheck technology, Sophos's on-access scanner provides constant real-time protection with minimal system overhead.

Network servers can also be protected with scheduled or constant real-time scanning, ensuring there is no opportunity for a virus to spread or damage your company's data.

Using Enterprise Manager, Sophos Anti-Virus can be kept automatically up to date with protection against the very latest virus threats. The Enterprise Manager suite provides a set of tools allowing fully automated web-based installation and updating of Sophos software across a network and even to remote users, via Remote Update. Enterprise Manager also incorporates powerful reporting facilities.

Sophos Anti-Virus is available for all popular PC operating systems, including all network OS. Sophos is protecting laptops, workstations and servers.


Simple Machine Protect

Simple Machine Protect is portable antivirus software for your Windows Operating System, built to remove certain variant of virus, worm, trojan, and spyware from your computer. Simple Machine Protect was designed to be a simple, open source antivirus scanner.


Rising Antivirus Free Edition

RISING Antivirus Free Edition protects your computers against all types of viruses, Trojans, Worms, Rootkits and other malicious programs. Easy to use, Active Defense technology, Patented Unknown Virus Scan and Clean technology and Patented Smartupdate technology make RISING Antivirus install and forget product and entitles you to focus on your own jobs with your computer.
Key Features: Zero-Day Computer Security Protection with Rising Cloud Security Rising Cloud Security members communicate with the Rising Cloud Security Data Center to perform a rapid computer security solution response network which can quickly catches Trojans and other malwares in real-time. Computer Security Protection - Based on triple layers security defense structure of Rising Cloud Security 3.0 and, integrated traditional monitor and intelligent active defense functions, Rising Antivirus Free Edition instantly defenses personal computer security. Trojan Defense - Adopting Rising Dynamic Behavior Analysis technique on Windows operating system kernel and, intercepts unknown Trojan, Backdoor, Worm, and other malicious viruses program at real-time. Browser Protection - Taking Rising System Kernel Reinforce into web browser program and, intercept unknown Trojan, Backdoor, Worm and other malicious viruses at real-time. Office Software Protection - Automatically intercept unknown Trojan, Backdoor, Worm and other malicious viruses program and, prevent malicious attacks which exploit office software unknown vulnerability away while launching office software. System Kernel Reinforcement - Providing professional computer users two optional customizable methods as Templates and Custom, to detect, monitor, and intercept all malicious behaviors from viruses program and, reinforce Windows system kernel.
What's new in this version: Version 23.00 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

PC Tools AntiVirus Free

IntelliGuard protection against computer viruses and related malware threats
PC Tools AntiVirus detects and eradicates viruses and related malware threats that attempt to enter computer systems by means of file transfer through storage media, e-mail, the Internet and other network protocols. Protection is provided by means of on-demand system scanning or real-time (IntelliGuard) detection of threats.

Smart Updates to keep virus definitions and other feature enhancements up to date
Smart Updates are released frequently, allowing you to protect your system against the latest virus and related malware threats, as well as improvements to PC Tools AntiVirus' functionality. By running Smart Update regularly, you can help keep your system free of new infections.

Customizable Scan Settings applicable to both PC Tools AntiVirus' on-demand file scan and real-time protection features
Scan settings are easily configurable and apply both to the on-demand scans and IntelliGuard scans (detection in real-time through the IntelliGuard tool). These scan options allow you to customize a range of generic and global settings which affect the overall behavior of PC Tools AntiVirus.

Ability to quarantine and restore items that have been detected
PC Tools AntiVirus allows you either to remove detected viruses and related malware from your system or to quarantine them into a contained area. The majority of infections that have been quarantined can be restored at a later time. You can customize PC Tools AntiVirus either to remove or to quarantine malware items fixed in a scan.

Logging of File Scans conducted by PC Tools AntiVirus
All File Scans conducted by PC Tools AntiVirus can be logged, providing a record of when each scan was conducted; the infections that were identified; and when infections were disinfected, quarantined or removed.

Enhanced architecture providing enhanced infection removal capabilities for limited user accounts
PC Tools AntiVirus' service-based architecture allows user accounts with limited permissions to scan all areas of the operating system to ensure thorough removal of viruses and other related malware threats.

Minimum System Requirements

Intel Pentium 300 MHz processor (or equivalent) or better
256 MB of RAM
40 MB of free hard disk space
Internet Explorer 6 or greater

Panda Cloud Antivirus

When it originally debuted, Panda Cloud Antivirus was notable as a free security solution for two reasons: Panda traded on its reputation as a solid security suite vendor making its first foray into the realm of freeware, and the program attained its goal of freeing up system resources by putting much of the program's heavy lifting in the cloud. Now we can add a third reason to the list: it's now known as an effective alternative to the security powerhouses.
When you open Cloud Antivirus, the main window lets you know whether you're safe or not with a big red or green icon. Cloud Antivirus works as other antivirus solutions do, offering a Quick Scan and a Custom scan for specific folder, files, and drives, but its ancillary features are exceptionally light. You can opt out of contributing anonymous data to the cloud, but that also opts you out of automatic threat management. There's a network connection proxy option should you need it, and a reporting feature that will show you what kind of threats have been detected and removed from your computer. You can filter the report by All, Last 24 hours, Last Week, or Last Month, and there's a Recycle Bin pane from which you can recover a false positive, should you need it. The modest level of tweaks and customizations have been hidden behind an obnoxious "flipping" screen that cheesily rotates when you need to access it, but they do provide choices in a clean UI that weren't available before.